Leading SAFe

This course introduced the principles and practices required to lead a SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) implementation within large enterprises who have complex, legacy environments.


VFQ Foundation

This course introduces a new way of thinking when it comes to implementing Agile as a methodology where Value, Flow and Quality supersedes Scope, Timelines and Budgets.


Certified Scrum Master

To support my position, I think it’s important to highlight that I understand the SCRUM framework.


Agile Foundation

This course is the first level of training in the Agile Project Management method, regardless of my first-hand experience, I think I can give companies more confidence in my delivery.


Agile Practitioner

This course is the second level of training in the Agile Project Management method.



MSc. Multimedia & Internet Computing

Loughborough University

Loughborough University taught me to model, analyse, critically evaluate, deploy and reflect on the design and build of multimedia and internet based systems.

Subjects covered and grades achieved:

  • Network Administration (A)
  • Multimedia and Interface Design (A)
  • Virtual Reality (A)
  • E-commerce (B)
  • Essential Java for the Internet (B)
  • Systems Design for the Internet (B)
  • Research Methodologies (B)</liz
  • Object Oriented Systems Development (C)
  • From Networks to the Internet (C).


BSc. Business and Information Technology

Coventry University

Businesses are faced with the challenges of global competition and technological change and this course introduced me to meeting these challenges by teaching me the fundamental elements of IT within business.

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