The Daily Stand-Up

So what is a daily standup? In a nutshell it’s a short meeting where development teams gather and share their daily tasks in a 3-minute window. The idea is to give teams a sense of the overall progress towards their goal. Individuals mainly recap and share the work they did they day before, what they…

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10 Powerful Ways to Conquer the Fear of Change with Agile

Are you fearful of change in the workplace? Do you know people in your office who are afraid of business transformation? If so, what technology or methodologies are you employing to help and counter those fears? Many companies are starting to consider Agile methodologies for transforming the way their businesses work. The key is to…

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Non-Agile ceremonies that can enhance team delivery

Are you working in a SCRUM team?  Do you feel like you need more information and clarity in what’s expected? When it comes to SCRUM, there are already a number of ceremonies we attend to ensure we are delivering according to our plans. To add more collaboration and transparency with your teams, you might consider introducing…

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